Sunday, 30 March 2014

1939 National Register

Researching our ancestors over the last 100 years can sometimes be much harder than researching them 200 years ago.  

The last available census is the 1911, when the 1921 census is released in 2022 that will be it until the 1951 census is released in 2052 (by which time I will, no doubt, be with my ancestors!) as the Second World War saw the destruction of the 1931 census and prevented the taking of the 1941 census.

But now Findmypast is working with the National Archives to digitise and make available the 1939 Register which was taken towards the end of that year in preparation for the issuing of identity cards and ration books.  It will be invaluable resource to help to fill in those 30 years between 1921 and 1951.

To learn more see Findmypast

To be kept up to date on progress

If you don't want to wait two years you can, in some circumstances, apply for the information now from here

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