Friday, 22 March 2013

Not a candidate for father of the year!

Anthony Lane, of Warbleton married Ann Coby, of Hailsham (the widow of Henry Coby) in Arlington in 1690; they had four children, Barbara, Judith, Elizabeth and Ann.  Barbara and Ann died in infancy and it looks likely that their mother Ann also died as Anthony remarried in around 1699 (the marriage licence survives but not the record of their marriage) to Mary Allen.  

By this time Anthony and his family were living in West Sussex, he was in Lindfield where he worked as a physician and Mary came from nearby Midhurst; their family soon grew with the addition of Allen and Edward.  

They then moved from Lindfield to Dorking in Surrey with the agreement of Lindfield parish which remained their parish of settlement but  soon after they moved on again, however when they moved on again in 1701, Anthony left his daughters Judith and Elizabeth behind.  The parish overseers of Dorking were not prepared to take care of these two abandoned children so they were returned to the parish of Lindfield.

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